About Us

Team 21, ComBBAT is a competitive FIRST Robotics team from Astronaut High School and Titusville High School located in Titusville, FL. The team includes about 15 volunteers and 20 students. Volunteers range from electrical engineers to programmers and marketing experts.

The team's primary activity is participating in FRC. Each year, when FIRST releases the game, the team immediately gets to work. The team splits into groups to develop their own strategies, then the team reconvenes and decides on the overall game plan. The team then works on designing prototypes for fulfilling the game. As team members experiment with help from mentors, the robot's design slowly comes together. Once the robot is done, the team selects several potential drive team members, and allows them to practice.However, the robot is not the only thing that gets made during the build season. The team has a spirit committee to make sure combbat21 have a strong presence in the stands. An animation team works to create a submission for the Autodesk Visualization award, and another team makes sure the team's web site is informative, up-to-date, and easy to use.When the team is not creating robots, it does plenty of things to keep itself busy.

Team Name

Team members voted to call the team ComBBAT in the inaugural season. BBAT represents the team's partners: Boeing/NASA, Brevard Community College, Astronaut High School, and Titusville High School. ComBBAT beat out such names as RoboBBAt, SpaceBATT, and DingBBAT. Thanks to the Patrick Airforce Base, the team is instantly recognized in its combat fatigues.


Members of the FRC team 21 are committed to inspire young adults to pursue careers in science and technology through a enjoyable, yet, competitive robot build season. We aim to work together as a a team, respect one another, and learn from each other. We aim to learn how to construct, wire, and program a robot. We aim to stay safe. We aim to display gracious professionalism. We aim to have fun.


Students, parents, and the community will regard Team 21 as the premier local extracurricular team. Team 21 will promote continuous learning throughout the students' educational career.


We are holding meetings in room #132 (Drafting Room) at Astronaut High School.

Astronaut High School
Home of the "War Eagles"

800 War Eagle Blvd.
Titusville, Florida 32796
Telephone: 321-264-3000